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The Professional Handyman Service in Amarillo, TX

Do you want to improve your home’s overall condition, but you are not experienced enough to do it properly? If you are anywhere in Amarillo, TX, SilverFox Home Improvements and Remodeling can be your ideal choice for a handyman service provider. Here is more about what we do.

Home Handyman

Home Handyman

Our Services

We are a home maintenance company specializing in remodeling service, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and patios. We proudly serve every residential client with a lot of respect, integrity, professionalism, and dedication. Turn to us if:

You Want Your Property to Be in Perfect Condition

It doesn’t matter if your property is old or new, at some point, you will end up needing the professional help of a handyman. DIY projects may also be an option, but imagine how much time you are going to spend watching YouTube videos and reading articles. Not to mention how many trips to the store you will have to make in order to get all the right materials. It’s best to hire a professional handyman to tackle every repair challenge with ease. A professional with the right set of skills for your household maintenance demands will not only save you a lot of time but also money.

How We Do It

All home maintenance and other services are provided using top quality tools. We have only cutting edge equipment as well, which is mandatory if we want to provide our clients with reliable results.

Do you need local handyman services in Amarillo, TX? Make sure SilverFox Home Improvements and Remodeling is the company you call.

Client’s Testimonial

Thanks for the services!

Hiring this company was the best thing I could do! Not only did they repair everything in my home but the prices were amazing too! Great.

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