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Hire a Professional Handyman That Can Assist You with All Types of Tile Work

Finding the right materials for your tile project is only half of the battle; properly installing the tiles is the other. It’s just as important as making sure the materials you choose are of high quality. Avoiding costly mistakes and delays is what we offer. Here at SilverFox Home Improvements and Remodeling, we will help you from planning to the actual execution of your project. We’re the handyman professionals that you can trust in Amarillo, TX to handle your tile work.

Trust our services and you will get the results that you want for your tiled flooring. We know everything about the process and will ensure that you get your desired results within the time frame. The quality of the end result will depend on a few things, such as your budget and the size of the room that the tiles will be installed in. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that it will look great and be as durable as any other type of flooring material that you have.

The most common mistake made by customers when installing tiles is that they don’t choose the right size and style for the job. We know which tiles will look great and fit within your room’s decor. Don’t worry, we will take care of the installations, and you only have to provide the tiles. We will handle the purchasing and the installation.

The tile work that we offer includes removing old tiles and grout, cutting tiles and grout to fit, and installing tiles and grout. We’ll also help you with cleaning the work area and disposing of the excess tiles and grout. For your tiled flooring to be a success, get in touch with us.

SilverFox Home Improvements and Remodeling is the right handyman to approach if you need top-tier tile solutions in Amarillo, TX. You can book our tile installation services at (806) 230-1116 throughout the week. We look forward to working on your flooring!